World Rainforest Day, June 22nd 2021 🌱

In the spirit of World Rainforest Day, we take a moment to look at environmental effect packaging is having and what eco friendly materials are available instead.  


How packaging affects our rainforests and what eco-friendly materials are available?


Packaging - from its initial sourcing, manufacture and right through to its disposal - creates various environmental impacts. The impact of packaging can be effectively reduced if retailers, and consumers alike, opt for more eco-friendly materials. In the spirit of World Rainforest Day, we divulge the best packaging solutions that are available to you.


Primarily, what is World Rainforest Day & why is it important?


Every year, the 22nd of June is observed as World Rainforest Day. This day has been set aside to raise awareness and encourage action to help protect rainforests around the world. Rainforests play a vital role in the health of our planet as they work to absorb carbon dioxide, stabilise climate patterns and are home to half of the world’s animal species and plants. 


With 20% of the oxygen that we breathe attributed to the rainforests of the Amazon alone, the heartbreaking truth is shocking. At the current rate of deforestation and mistreatment of our rainforests, it has been anticipated that 28,000 species will become extinct by 2050. Consequently, World Rainforest Day is observed to raise awareness about its importance in our lives.


Ways to be sustainable


Living sustainably is, essentially, working towards limiting the number of hazardous resources you use day-to-day. In a nutshell, it is about trying to have as little negative impact on the Earth as possible, such as sustainable shopping, using recyclable materials and going paper-free. 


Shop for eco friendly materials 


Today, the best packaging and other resources are made from eco-friendly materials, with a range of innovative packaging solutions becoming increasingly popular over the years. This is due to the consumer’s consciousness already switching to a more eco-friendly mindset. 


More and more people prefer materials that are healthy for the environment, rather than the more traditional packaging solutions. Packages that present a lesser burden on the environment are those made from natural materials, like dye-free or recycled paper and food containers made from sugarcane.


What options are available? 


Here are three different types of biodegradable or recyclable innovative packaging solutions that are kinder to the environment:

  • Sugarcane packaging is one of the latest and most innovative packaging solutions for takeaway foods, becoming a ready-made replacement to Styrofoam containers for many food establishments. 
  • Corrugated cardboard & paper are popular eco-friendly packaging solutions, comprising of recyclable materials such as cardboard and paper. 
  • Recyclable plastic is plastic that has already been used as packaging previously. The recycled PET is cleaned and sorted, then turned back into food-safe containers, such as cups, bowls and other products. 


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