Why wooden cutlery is a better cutlery alternative?

When it comes to household cutlery, we know that stainless steel or sterling silver is going to be the most likely go-to utensil. Unfortunately, silverware cutlery is not the most economical cutlery choice for all occasions – nor the most convenient. Consequently, we tend to require cutlery alternatives to our silverware for a range of different events.


Cue single use plastic cutlery – which have been, previously, the most suitable alternative. That was before the devastating environmental effects caught up with us. Now that many of us have recognised that plastic cutlery alternatives have harmful disadvantages, we are left in need of a better alternative – which, fittingly, comes in the form of wooden cutlery.


What is wooden cutlery?

Though the dead giveaway is in the name, wooden cutlery is cutlery that is made entirely out of wood. This can be bamboo, birch or maple. The best thing is the cutlery alternative is easily decomposable and recyclable.


Wooden cutlery is natural, lightweight, safe and made from renewable and recyclable sources. The cutlery does come with a certain nuanced disadvantage – because they are made of wood, they are porous and absorbent. Once they come in contact with food, they can easily soak up moisture and bacteria, which is why they should only be used as a short-term cutlery alternative.

Wooden cutlery can also cost a bit more than traditional cutlery alternatives – especially if they are manufactured from imported wood. They do, however, have a unique charm that adds to their appeal and aesthetic. They have the ability to make food displays look extra special and impress your guests with their variety of designs and aspects.

Benefits of Wooden Cutlery

  • Eco-friendly: Wooden cutlery is the most environmentally friendly cutlery alternative – they provide environmental, social, health and economical benefits for our planet.
  • Less Guilt: Forget the guilt, wooden cutlery is easily disposable as they are biodegradable – just remember to dispose of them properly.
  • Recyclable: You can always reuse them for different reasons too – make a compost for your garden for example. Or you can donate them for recycling.
  • Safer: Wooden cutlery is safer because they have no sharp edges and they do not breed organisms – unlike metals, ceramics and plastic cutlery.
  • Stylish: The cutlery alternative provides a unique aesthetic for everyone’s dining tables and picnic areas.


Where to use wooden cutlery


  • Get togethers: The cutlery alternative is suitable for barbecues, picnics, parties and just about every social occasion.
  • Bakeries & cafés: Customers are sure to appreciate a business that cares about the environment – let your customers indulge in the unique benefits of wooden cutlery.
  • Take-out boxes: For those restaurants that want to provide their customers with a better cutlery alternative – wooden cutlery is a sure winner.
  • Office break room: Wooden cutlery can cut down the break room mess, less dishes for the unfortunate person who is last out of the office.



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