What sustainable packaging means for your restaurant

Sustainable packaging is a concern for most consumers. In their mind, it could mean the difference between whether they order their food or drink from your business or go somewhere else. Moreover, restaurants are part of the local community and while this brings positives like job creation and more options for consumers, it also means more waste management for the community and – potentially – more pollution.


Consequently, more and more restaurant and business owners are seeking ways to address the impact that they have on the environment. Predominantly concerning the way that they operate as a business and, more specifically, the type of packaging that they use.


Sustainable packaging is more than just a way for businesses to reduce waste; it will also boost the brand image of your restaurant or business and align it with the trajectory that the new consumers ethical stance is heading.


Reduce waste


A massive percentage – around 30% - of municipal solid waste is food packaging. This includes anything that is used to wrap, protect or hold consumable goods. This is why restaurants – big and small – should look at seriously considering their role in the conservation of the environment.

Restaurants evidently play a massive role in the sustainability of our planet, and an important conclusion is to look at sustainable packaging as a way to limit their individual impact. This includes the container that holds the food and the bag that is used to carry it.


Brand image


The way that a restaurant chooses to align their brand image and package their food can communicate the brand’s ethos in a subtle, yet powerful way. This is because the object itself – whether it is a recyclable paper coffee cup or a plastic takeaway container – is the statement. Consumers are most likely going to be more inclined to consume from businesses that opt to make a sustainable ethical choice rather than those that do not.


Restaurants and businesses now have more choices of sustainable packaging than ever. This means it is easy to make the switch – or increase the amount of sustainable packaging your business operates with, and at the same time increase your brand image.


Ozmas are a leading distributor and supplier of packaging solutions for Australian restaurants and businesses. We have sustainable packaging options in everything from takeaway containers to coffee cups, bags to cutlery.

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