Trends Ready to Eat food manufacturers need to know

<h1>Trends Ready to Eat food manufacturers should know


There is some great news for Ready to Eat food manufacturers – and the food industry as a whole. According to Mordor Intelligence, the global market that consists of Ready to Eat products and Ready to Serve foods is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% from the forecasted period of 2020 to 2025.


This means that existing restaurants and cafés are encouraged to expand their business practices, as well as giving opportunity for new businesses to start-up in a high market demand. However, with a growing market come new trends and practices, so we have put together a helpful insight into the trends that Ready to Eat food manufacturers should know.


<h2>Delivery services for Ready to Eat food manufacturers


During the coronavirus pandemic, Ready to Eat food products were one of the few markets that witnessed a significant surge in demand. This was due to the ease and convenience of the delivery services that Ready to Eat food manufacturers could give people who were isolated in their homes or hotel rooms.


Some people even relied entirely on food delivery services for their food while in isolation. With this in mind, it is essential that businesses preparing Ready to Eat products have an efficient delivery service strategy in order to fully embrace this essential side of the industry.


<h2>Healthy Ready to Eat meal trends


Apart from convenience, Ready to Eat products are slowly being considered the closest alternative to ‘regular foods’, as apposed to take-out and fast food services. This is because, when compared between the two, Ready to Eat products are generally healthier.


This should prompt businesses to source, produce and label their Ready to Eat products as Clean Foods. By using more natural ingredients and including comprehensive labelling of ingredients, nutritional values and artificial/synthetic additives.


<h2>Ethical & plant-based Ready to Eat food products


More consumers – particularly young consumers – are eating plant-based alternatives, not just for health and ethical reasons, but because these substitutes can taste like the real thing. Milk alternatives are also a massive trend Ready to Eat food manufacturers should be aware of. An increased population of vegans and vegetarians, as well as lactose intolerant consumers are driving the plant-based milk market.


Food sustainability is also an increasing consumer demand. Considerations of where the food is grown, how it is harvested and how it is prepared – such as sustainable farming and environmental impacts – are also a major trend in the market.


<h2>Sustainable packaging for Ready to Serve foods


Along with ethically sourced foods, a massive trend in the market is the packaging sustainability of the Ready to Eat food products and Ready to Serve foods. Basically, if consumers care about the sustainability of the food that they consume, they will most likely care about the way it is packaged.


Ozmas are a leading distributor and supplier of a range of sustainable packaging options for Ready to Eat food manufacturers. Contact the team at Ozmas on 3277 9694 or email to learn more about our products and Ready to Eat meal trends.



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