Perks of customised coffee cups
Customised coffee cups can help boost sales and increase customer engagement.
The undeniable truth is that some people will barely function without a coffee or two to start the day. For a lot of coffee dependent drinkers, the morning routine is a rush – there is a reason they need a coffee in their hand. This means that a likely scenario is on their way to work they are more often than not going to stop and grab a quick coffee to go. Which means they will most definitely have a paper coffee cup in their hand.
Now, what if your business had you something printed on that cup? You will automatically receive regular, daily exposure for whatever you have printed. These are the perks of customised coffee cups for you and your business.
Brand advertisement
A coffee cup is not just a container for beverages – they are a packaging for your product. Without a customised print your café’s coffee and its cup is just like any other generic cup out there. Customised coffee cups will immediately turn your cup into a mobile advertisement for your business.
A coffee cup that shows off your brand – in all its unique glory – will speak volumes. It prompts professionalism that will garner an impression of higher quality products. It shows people that you are attentive and passionate about your business and its craft.
Increases customer engagement
In the long run, customised coffee cups can help boost sales and increase customer engagement. There is a lot you can print on your coffee cup – more than just your business name and logo. You can include quirky, unique and personalised stories, features and images that set your café apart from the others.
Including positive initiatives that your brand is involved with will also prompt positive customer relations and increase community engagement. This will also encourage customer retention, as locals will continue coming back to purchase from their new favourite café in their area.
Routine customers
When people see and are familiar with a brand it subconsciously prompts interest and awareness. Having customised coffee cups will achieve this desired effect as it reinforces your brand on the minds of existing and potential customers.
Having your unique business name on your coffee cup also differentiates your brand from others. It stirs people to seek out the brand that they have either subconsciously or consciously become aware of or have been a customer of once or twice before.
Strengthens the brand
The café business is competitive, so it is important to make sure your brand stands out. Customised coffee cups with a distinct and unique print will help people quickly identify your brand. Depending on what is printed on the coffee cup, people will be able to associate your café with different things. Choosing unique designs, colours and features will set the tone for your café and the patrons that are likely to purchase from you.
Ozmas are a leading distributor and supplier of packaging solutions for Australian restaurants and businesses. We are able to print your customised coffee cups and have sustainable packaging options too. Contact the team at Ozmas on 3277 9694 or email to discuss your café’s new customised coffee cups.
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