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Customised Kraft paper bags provide several benefits for customers and businesses alike – read to find out more.

The perks of having a customised Kraft paper bag for customers

Used for more than just carrying food, custom printed paper bags for restaurants have become an essential part of advertising and promoting the brand of a business. These custom paper bags are excellent accessories for customers to carry their goods but, at the same time, work as effective promotional eco-friendly bags that show off businesses and their ethics. 


As an essential component of a restaurants takeaway service, Kraft paper bags that are good quality and customised provide several benefits for customers and businesses alike.

Optimised food packaging

A Kraft paper bag that is customised to include the business' brand name, the logo, address and contact details optimises the way a restaurants food packaging is done in a highly efficient manner. These promotional eco-friendly bags work effectively to build customer-business relationships as they cater to the market demand for more eco-friendly packaging solutions.  

Crafts a lasting impression

Custom printed paper bags speak volumes about how a business values itself and customers will notice this too. Customers will, most likely, remember and trust a brand more if they go with custom paper bags rather than a stock-standard bag. 

Showcases ethics

Promotional eco friendly bags show that a business is making a genuine commitment to sustainability. If the business is trying to raise awareness for important social issues, the packaging can also convey this message.

Provides a distinct identity

Promotional eco-friendly bags allow restaurants to implement their own brand and personality onto their bags. Whether for a marketing campaign or just a standard branded custom paper bag, having it personalised to a brand will effectively attract new and returning customers.

 Direct communication with customers

Custom paper bags also provides an opportunity to completely personalise communication with each and every customer. They could be designed to allow for personalised messages to be written that make customers feel special. It could be as simple as writing a small note that reads “Made with love for [insert customer name] by [insert server name].”


There is no lack of versatility in Kraft paper bags. There are several options available for restaurant owners to choose from, including paper bags that are large or small, with or without handles, plain or decorated. All of which can be designed and printed per a restaurant’s requirement.]


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