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Australian businesses may expect to see a trend heading towards the use of recycled and biodegradable packaging solutions – here are three options to consider.

Innovative packaging solutions: Biodegradable and recyclable food packaging options

Biodegradable food packaging solutions are the use of earth-friendly materials to package foods and drinks in a more eco-friendly way. With the recent ban of single-use plastic items in Queensland, Australian businesses and consumers may expect to see more of a nationwide trend heading towards recycled and biodegradable packaging solutions.

Here are three different types of biodegradable or recyclable innovative packaging solutions that are kinder to the environment.

Bagasse (Sugarcane packaging)

Bagasse is one of the latest and most innovative packaging solutions for takeaway foods, becoming a ready-made replacement to Styrofoam containers for many food establishments. The biodegradable material is produced from sugar refining waste products – mainly the stalks of sugar canes. The stalks are compacted and processed resulting in strong and secure containers.

Bagasse containers are naturally grease and cut resistant, microwavable, freezer safe and can withstand temperatures of around 90 degrees Celsius. The material is a plant-based product so it is also completely compostable and welcomed in commercial composting facilities or, if done correctly, can be composted at home. As it is both eco-friendly and made from recycling products, takeaway restaurants and cafes can proudly display their environmental credentials by using bagasse food containers.

Corrugated cardboard & paper 

Corrugated cardboard and paper is one of the most popular eco-friendly biodegradable packaging solutions on the market. Comprising of recyclable cardboard and paper materials, such as cartons and newspaper, the material is one of the most recycled materials in the world. On average, corrugated and biodegradable cardboard packaging is made from 70 to 90% recycled material, beating plastic and wood packaging by a long shot.

The innovative packaging solution can also be reused as storage devices for the home and office. In turn, this helps reduce energy consumption and other resources that would usually be required to produce the material in the first place. Corrugated and recycled cardboard products are also typically made from locally sourced materials, lowering transportation costs for the manufacturing process. 

PET plastics (rPET)

Food packaging solutions that are made from Recycled PET plastics (rPET) are made from plastics that have already been used as packaging previously. The recycled PET is cleaned and sorted, then turned back into food-safe containers, such as cups, bowls and other products. Due to their thermodynamic qualities, rPET products can be heated, melted and transformed into new materials again and again.


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