Bagasse, Innovative Packaging Solution. ❕

Bagasse is a fibrous material that is left over after the production of sugarcane and is, remarkably, leading the way as a new packaging solution – read this to find out more.

How bagasse is being used as a modern, innovative packaging solution

Bagasse is, today, used for multiple purposes, one of which is as a modern and innovative packaging solution. Historically, bagasse was seen as an unusable bio-waste and, consequently, disposed of. Times have long since changed with bagasse now being recognised as a valuable, renewable resource.

What is bagasse?

Bagasse is the fibrous matter that is left over after the production of sugarcane, sorghum and agave. After the harvesting process, with liquid extracted, the leftover substance (bagasse) is blended with water to form a pulp. Currently, products made from bagasse include power production, tree-free paper production and different types of packaging.

Additives are combined with this pulp and then pressed into the shape of various types of packaging solutions by applying pressure under high temperatures. Bagasse packaging is extremely versatile, inexpensive and environmentally friendly, able to be composted at home or an industrial compost facility. They can be put in the microwave too.

Bagasse as a tree-free paper product alternative

Bagasse products have proven to be an excellent substitution for so many types of packaging that have conventionally been made from trees. Yes, trees can indeed be replanted but the process for a tree to grow to the point that it can be harvested is long. Through the use of by-products of crops instead, it only takes a single growing season to renew materials, it also means we have far less impact on our ecosystem.

 Currently, around 5-10% of paper production worldwide is now through renewable plant-based biomass. Due to the ease with which bagasse can be produced, pulped and moulded, it has quickly become one of the most innovative packaging solutions and tree-free paper options available on the market.

Bagasse as a polystyrene and plastic alternative

Plastic and polystyrene are both materials that are produced from petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource that poses substantial negative impacts on our environment. The problems with petroleum extraction that goes into making plastic and polystyrene run deep – oil spills, landfill failures and greenhouse gas emissions.

Another significant issue is that plastic does not degrade naturally and, if not recycled or disposed of properly, can build up and harm the environment. Bagasse on the other hand is completely compostable and will break down into soil entirely naturally if it does enter the environment.


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